Who is MollsyMoo?

Hi! I’m Molly.

I’m a milk connoisseur.

But seriously, I’m just your typical cheese-obsessed Wisconsin girl who grew up chasing cows and playing with barn kitties on my family’s 7th generation farm. My obsession continued as I chased my way to a degree in animal science and communication from Cornell University. After college, I spent a year in New Jersey managing an on-farm agritourism/dairy products business before moving to our nation’s capital to pursue my Master’s degree at The George Washington University in media and public affairs, and launch my career in agricultural policy.

I plan to share my obsession every day of my life, while supporting America’s agricultural community through advocacy and communication.

I’m also an avid runner- two marathons down, MANY more to go! As long as there’s ice cold chocolate milk (ultimate sports recovery drink!) waiting for me at the finish line, I’ll be running pretty much forever.

I created this blog because I am overly enthusiastic about agriculture- specifically anything and everything related to dairy- and I know that there’s a huge disconnect between consumers and the industry. With that said, I hope that my blog can be an informative, yet entertaining, resource for discussing how food gets from the farm to your table.

All views are my views, and my views ONLY.




2 thoughts on “Who is MollsyMoo?

  1. Kim Hennings says:

    I love your blog. Can’t wait for the next post. You are right on with farm living. Like Eddie Albert said in the old TV show Green Acres. “Farm living is the life for me.”
    Keep up the training for the marathon. The hardest part is the last 0.2 miles. your uncle. Kim

  2. Kim Hennings says:

    Who was the first person to grab those dangly thigs under a cow and say. I think i’ll drink whatever comes out?

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