Family and friends have encouraged me for the past year to create a blog for sharing my “this-would-only-ever-happen-to-Molly” moments, because apparently the awkward situations that occur in my life on a regular basis are relatively humorous. Thus, I have spent the past year contemplating on not only a name for my blog, but also what I shall write about in my entries. Because, come on, I am not literally going to bore you with stories about my everyday activities. I need to write about something deeper, something tangible. But who in their right mind would ever want to read what I have to say?!

It’s not rocket science to know that social media plays an integral role in society, with many viewers gaining knowledge from the 74839020883893 bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers, blah blahh blahhh on the Internet (side note: please do not cite me on that number). And then I got to thinking… This social-media indulged society creates a grand opportunity for me to make a difference, an actual difference, in a subject that I truly care about. And what exactly is it that I would like more than anything to make a difference in? DAIRY. Yes; cows, milk, cheese, farming, agriculture. BOOM, all of it. Agriculture drives this world, and we would not survive without it. Everyone who knows me can attest that I am an enthusiastic, dairy-obsessed individual who thrives on sharing my experiences and knowledge with each and every person that I happen to cross paths with. I grew up in the dairy industry, and I have dedicated my career to supporting it, through policy and communication (I’ll share more about my life goals- pssshhttt make that PLANS…the sky is the limit- in a later blog post).

Maybe only a few people will read my blog posts towards the beginning, but if I am making a difference in just one person’s life, then I have succeeded. I plan to expand my blog through time, ultimately existing as an entertaining resource for educating consumers, creating discussions on current happenings in agriculture, and providing answers to dairy-related questions.

So. This was my first blog entry. I promise that the next one will be much more interesting…! Stay tuned, and stay cheesy.



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One thought on “Pilot

  1. Congrats! Starting is the hardest part. The part that I have not been able to achieve! Can’t wait to read more! Go get’m Molly!

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